Stress Management-Be Good To Your Heart

Do You Suppose She's A Wildflower?

I am taking a Stress Management course through my 2 year college here in Virginia.  I thought the course sounded interesting..and I have a lot of anything to help me manage it is awesome!  I’ve learned though that STRESS is connected to all different types of diseases and health problems. I’ve always thought this but never knew there were people dedicating their career to trying to prove this.

I’ve also learned that rats when tested responded in very similar ways to humans.  They are actually known to develop tumors, stomach ulcers, etc when put in a stressful situation! That is extremely fascinating to me.

When studying coronary heart disease and it’s effects on people in the medical profession (in different fields) I discovered that dermatology is considered the LEAST stressful while the General Medical Practice the MOST stressful. Furthermore, dermatologists are at lower risk of getting heart disease than general…

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