Bumps in the Road – 8 Steps for Positive Thinking In Challenging Times

Great article about being positive.

Wellspring Outpourings

ImageSeveral months ago, I started an experiment that has changed my life – I made the decision to live my life as positively as I possibly can. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary, and my life’s work of reaching others to help them to achieve their goals through wellness and positive thinking is taking off faster than I could have possibly imagined. I love watching the expression on peoples’ faces as they come to realize that they are completely in control of the way they think and feel, and that those thoughts and feelings have a direct affect on their physical well-being.

When people ask me how I have been able to move forward so decisively and successfully, I explain that it is simply my intention to take notice of the things that add to my feelings of self-worth, success and joy.

“But what about when bad stuff…

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