How much sleep do children need?

Do you have children? This is great information!

Dads not Mums

I ask this question following yet another difficult and emotionally charged evening episode of “Putting the Boys to Bed”.

It starts around 6.30pm. The witching hour as we used to call it. The boys have been fed and watered. They shower. Then they have a second shower – with soap this time. They do their homework. We take them to bed for stories.

Around 7.30 -8pm following their story, we say goodnight, give them a kiss, tell them we love them and turn their light off.

As I leave the room I hear the click of the light switch as they turn it back on. Here we go again. The fight to get them to lie in bed and go to sleep.

Our particular groundhog day has evolved over the years.

Our eldest, Max has always enjoyed his sleep. In the past, once we had read him his bedtime story…

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