The art of complaining

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WP Yogi

Complaining is easy.. so easy. Yet it serves no purpose whatsoever. It might make you feel better for a few minutes, but does it really?

I took a meditation class with Padma several years ago and she gave us a great exercise to do. Working in pairs, one person had to say something negative, and the other had to repeat the sentence but in a positive way. So it went something like this.

First person: It’s always raining in Vancouver.

Second: Thank goodness we get so much rain in Vancouver. We never have to worry about water shortage.

The sentences both say the same thing, but one of them is just so much happier. Nothing is worse, then being surrounded by a complainer. I find complainers just get you down and drag you in their pith of misery.

There are a lot of complainers everywhere. In Vancouver, folks are extremely…

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