A Thought From The Positive Thinking Institute:
I hope that each of you had a happy 4th of July.  We are very fortunate to live in the Land Of The Free.  I know that you feel the same way. 
I could not help but feel grateful as I saw the flag flying and realized how blessed we really are.  Freedom is a gift that we have received, and truly a blessing.  We have the opportunity to be free!
Because of this freedom, we have the opportunity to be what we want to be.  It is a priviledge to be what we want to be, and achieve goals and accept opportunities that come our way.  So, take full advantage of the freedoms that you enjoy, and be the best that you can be.
One freedom that is really important, is the freedom of thought.  We are free to think.  Thoughts are extremely powerful and filled with opportunities that will lead us to success or failure.  We will succeed or fail depending on how we think.  So, think successful thoughts that are filled with optimism and hope.  The following are some ides that can help in thinkingpositive thoughts.
    Start A Gratitude Journal.  A gratitude journal helps us to think positive thoughts toward life’s experiences. 
    Pay A Compliment  To Someone You Know.  Paying a compliment causes us to think positivethoughts.
    Speak Kind Words To Yourself And Others.  Kind words cause us to think positive thoughts.
    Smile And Say “Hi” To A Neighbor. Smiling creates feelings of happiness which createspositive thoughts.
Positive Thoughts motivate Positive Actions which will lead to Positive Results.  So. Please take advantage and employ  the Freedoms you enjoy by thinking Positive Thoughts.  Start a Gratitude Journal. Pay A Compliment. Speak Kind Words To Yourself And Others.  Smile And Say”Hi” To A Neighbor.  You will find that you will become more aware of the Freedoms that you enjoy. Try it.  You will be glad you did.

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