I hope each of you had a Happy 24th of July, as we celebrated Pioneer Day; commemorating the arrival of Brigham Young and the Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. That was an incredible accomplishment for those who traveled across the plains during strenuous and difficult conditions. They came because of their faith and undaunting beliefs in truth and freedom. They followed their internal commitment of what they knew, and continued to move forward despite conflict and challenge.


A Pioneer is one who prepares the way for others to follow. We can be Pioneers today. We can learn from our Pioneer forefathers, and apply principles that they espoused into our own lives today. They were firm in their resolve to fininsh what they started. They made up their minds, and did something about it. May we do the same.


Bieng a Pioneer begins with the thoughts that we think. Our thoughts are so very powerful, and carry with them great consequences of both good and ill, depending upon the thought. Our Pioneer forefathers had the ability to keep going when things became difficult. They, in the end, made it through.


Here are some suggestions to help us be Pioneers today as we move forward in our routines of daily living:


Think Positive Thoughts.


Look For The Good In Every Situation.


Choose To Keep Going When Things Seem Difficult.


Do The Best With What You Have.


Serve Someone Who Needs Help.


Smile And Share A Kind Word With Someone.


Remember That You Have A Bright Future Ahead Of You.


These simple suggestions will help you to reach out and “Prepare The Way” for you and those around you to have a productive and positive experience in every aspect of your life. So, with faith and hope, begin now to be a “Pioneer” today. It will be a great experience or you. You Can Do It!


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