Here are some of our great testimonials! Positive thinking helps in so many ways!

Verna is a woman who, after retiring from her work, wanted to go to school. So she enrolled in the Salt Lake Community College. She registered for a Mathematics class and intended to get through the class. Upon participating in the class, she realized that she needed to enhance her performance so that she could move to the next level in the class. We devised a plan where she would listen to some material and review some information, so that she would think more productively about her Math class. Faithfully, she executed her plan.

A short time later, upon returning home one night, there was a message on the voice mail. “Hi Richard, this is Verna. I am so excited! I have raised my grade in Math three whole grades!” Yes, positive thoughts and the implementation of positive materials and information into the mind truly does work!

“Great information… Good ideas and stories.”
S. Holloway

“It instilled and refreshed old knowledge that has worked numerous times in the past. Taught me how to focus that knowledge on new situations.”
T. Bailey

“Continued stress of the positive going through the…mind, and making a greater effort to put thoughts into actions.”
Tom Q.

“The deeper exploration about what positive thinking is. There was good flow to the class. I liked getting to know the other students and hearing their ideas”
B. Goodwin

“It gave me specific formulas and phrases I can use to get the most out of my day.”
C. Peterson

“I liked the way it was presented.”
A. Miller

“I was amazed how saying positive things to myself could could counter negative feelings in general”
John D.

“Enjoyed the ideas and input from the group discussion.”
C. Allen

“Thought evoking process, information presented, and positive teacher.”
Brett P.

“The overall message”
Stephanie B.

“I really liked the steps to thinking more positively and help with self-esteem. I liked being able to change my thought process from negative to positive. You are a good teacher; I really enjoyed the class.”
Kathy P.

“I enjoyed the new perspectives and suggestions for tackling opportunities. I feel horizons have been opened up and new ideas abound!”
Jill R.

“The class was great! I like everything about the class; I wouldn’t change a thing.”
W. Frampton

“Lots of information- all true- lots of ways to employ it.”
John D.

“It made me realize how blessed I really am. I also realize I have the power to think positively to make myself a better person and I am very grateful for the things I learned in this class.” 
Emily M.

“The time, location, size, instructor, subject, the presentation- all excellent. Also, the cost proved well worth it.”

“Made me stop and think- sometimes get too busy to enjoy life. It was uplifting and enjoyable.” 
Lisa C.


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