Letter: Positive thinking leads to success

I have enjoyed reading the articles, The Lima News, has spotlighted on the people who have overcome obstacles and followed their dreams.


Too often we read of the ones who are involved in drugs, murdered or in prison. They were determined to work hard, stay positive and focused on their dreams. They have not let anything negative stop them. They shook off negative remarks and kept climbing above it.



Some of the young people have tried to follow their dreams and got discouraged and given up. They have all kind of excuses, never their fault.

Your words have the power to set things in motion, good or bad. When you tell yourself, “I can’t,” you have already lost your hope. Telling yourself, “I can, I can,” there will be nothing impossible for you. And you will have good success.

I hope these stories will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Lana Mourning, Elida

Retrieved from http://bit.ly/18lGjJt on September 14, 2013


2 thoughts on “Letter: Positive thinking leads to success

  1. Great ! You remind me of my own experience about which I wrote, “I have met many people whom I regard as life makers. I still very well remember time when I came from abroad; I left everything behind and headed towards my goal, earning a bachelor’s degree. While I was bombarded with countless discouraging messages, a university professor described my decision as “an investment of time” for a worthy project. He could see what others were blind to. I acted upon his inspiring words, and my mission was successfully accomplished.” You may want to read more stories about positive thinking on my blog.

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