The Positive Thinking Institute is excited to announce a FUN-FILLED  CLASS, that provides long-term results!
The Power Of Positive Self-Talk
This is a power-packed class!
Come and learn how to:
* Get Rid Of Your Negative Thoughts!
* Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts!
* Empower Your Mind For Your Success!
* Overcome Discourgement!
* Get Better Grades In School!
* Develop Better Relationships!
* Increase Your Sales!
* Be More Productive!
* Have A Happier, Healthier Life!
Register Today! And Watch Success Come Your Way! 
** This is a 3-week class, starting   Wednesday, November 6, and then the following weeks, the 13th and the  20TH,      from 7pm to 9pm.  The class will be held at  the Connection High, (Granite peaks Learning Center) at 501 East 3900 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.       
** The Tition for each student is: $49.00, and $80.00 per couple.
*** For answers to questions, please call Richard at 801-755-7706, or email him at                                         

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