How to To Be Happier and Stay Young at Heart in 5 Easy Steps


This photo is of me playing around in The Enchanted Forest. Being silly is one of the ways I like to cultivate happiness and really, I will always be a kid at heart! So if you want to be happier, here’s some suggestions in 5 easy steps.

1. Have Fun!

Life is serious business but that doesn’t mean we need to be serious ALL the time! There is a time and place for everything. With so many of us having so little time on their hands these days we are stressed out and having a little fun is a great way to feel good, be happier and combat stress. If you make the time to include some fun in your life, you’ll see the benefits. Some people see having fun as a non-value added activity but think of how much more efficient and productive you are when you are relaxed and happy. …

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