40 Ways to Deal With Stress

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By Luke Jones. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. 

We’re all aware that chronic stress is not great for our health, yet in the modern world it can often feel impossible to avoid. We’re constantly surrounded by a seemingly inescapable mass of unnatural stressful events.

The looming work deadline. The unanswered emails. The traffic on the way to work. The awkward social situation.

The past, the future, and everything else in between.

Sometimes it feels like there is no escape, and many people just except that they are stressed out and do nothing more about it, until it’s too late.

Fear not. There are many great methods out there that can help you deal with and avoid stress, you don’t give in just yet.  This list is not definitive, but contains the techniques that I and the people around me have found the most useful so far.

1. Stop…

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