Believe in Yourself

An important factor in being able to believe in yourself, is the ability to feel good about ourselves. We need to be capable of developing positive self esteem.  How we think and feel about ourselves impacts how we act toward ourselves.

How is your self esteem?  Is it positive, or is it not?

Even if it’s not as positive as you’d like, don’t worry.  Improving your self esteem is not only possible, it can be quite easy.

It starts with desiring to improve, and then beginning by acknowledging things that you are good at.

Take a minute and write down some things that you are good at.  What are you good at?  Start with the basics. You can read this information.  So, you are good at reading. Remember the small and simple things, and you will be amazed at how good you really are.

Then, take time to *do something that you are good at* everyday.  As you do that, you will feel better about you, and who you really are.  Give yourself reasons to feel good about yourself.

Tell yourself, “I am succeeding!” Better yet, write it down. Writing your intentions is very powerful. Write down something positive about yourself everyday. There is *always* something positive about yourself, find it!  Try and find something new everyday, and celebrate it. They don’t have to be huge “important” things.  Even the “little” positives add up. The act of “looking for” the positives is what’s important.

Remember: You are awesome!  Don’t let yourself forget it.  😉

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