Fear Doesn’t Have to Be Your Enemy

Each one of us has incredible potential. We have talents and abilities that are quite unknown to us because we have not allowed ourselves the opportunity to explore and learn who we really are. What holds us back from tapping into our true selves, and enjoying the benefits of the successes that can be ours? May I suggest that, in part, is that we are afraid.

Fear is a powerful influence that can literally stop us in our tracks.  We can be doing fine in a given situation, and then an event may occur in our lives that creates a feeling of fear that begins to fester in our life.  When that happens, our abilities to move forward can come screeching to a halt. Why do we slow our process down or even stop when faced with fear?  We are so focused on the fear that we do not think about anything else. It stops us in our tracks.  Can you relate to that?

Fear may be a good thing if it causes us to stop doing something that may become a detriment to our progress.  It may stop us from getting into trouble.  However, if we do not get past the fear, that emotion becomes chronic, and keeps us not just from doing “bad” things, but also keeps us from doing “good” things.  So, don’t let fear stop you. May I suggest some ideas that can help you get over your fears.

When fear and worry grip at your heart, try the following techniques:

1. Stop and take a deep breath.

2. Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, and relax.

3. Imagine yourself succeeding and working through the worrisome situation.

4. Tell yourself’ “I can get through this!”

5. Open your eyes, find a sheet of paper and write down some ideas that you can do that will help overcome the fear you are facing.

6. Choose one of the ideas that you have come up with and begin immediately to do what you have decided to do.

As you engage in these active steps, you will find yourself moving out of your fearful situation, and moving forward in a good way. If you don’t do it perfectly, don’t worry.  Keep trying it.  It will work for you.

Please be assured that you can do it!  Yes, you can!

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